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Jake Robbins


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Founder/Owner Jake “Redshoes” Robbins is from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Growing up being a singer, Jake has always loved and wanted to be involved with music. After quickly rising in the ranks in the local scene in Minneapolis, Jake played shows at all the exclusive venues in Minnesota including Skyway Theater, The exchange, The rouge, The Armory,  Myth Night Club, The Cabooze, and others while keeping producing a hobby of his. After being involved with Electronic Music since 18 years old, he has now moved most of his focus into Artist Management, and High Caliber Records.  “I wanted to create a platform for all these people I see getting swept under the rug with amazing talent, to be heard”.  


His roles at High Caliber Records include Social Media Manager, Business Development, Artist Relations, talent scout, community involvement, and all-around badass.  


“I wanted to create a place where everyone could come if they had great art, and the way we would accept it was a majority voting process not because you’re our friend or you’re popping off right now.  EVERYTHING is decided by a vote between our team and a discussion”.


“I hope that one day, our platform will be a main outlet in the music industry for artists to show their talent, no matter the genre”


“We’re doing a lot of things right now that we feel like people will really enjoy, and will differentiate us from the average label”

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