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Josh Johnson


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Joshua "Thred" Johnson is a producer from Coon Rapids, Minnesota, that creates multiple genre's of electronic music.  With a knack for creating unorthodox styles and sounds, you'll never guess what he'll put out next, but you can always pick him out in a sea of producers.   Before he ever thought of producing electronic music, he always took a interest in Hip-Hop music. "I love the emotion, stories, happiness, and sadness that can put into just 3 minutes in a track".  After years of listening to all kinds of different genre's of music, he started to lean more towards the electronic side of things.

In 2015 Thred started DJing under the alias Yarn, "For my whole life I've always wanted to do something with music, I can't believe I waited this long".  Mixing mostly Electro, GlitchHop, and Drum and Bass people could already notice his unusual style, but he felt it wasn't enough. After some thought and some help from friends,
a new image felt necessary, and in late 2017 Thred was born.  In 2018 Thred was making quick progress with releasing under labels such as Drop It Network, Shadow Phoenix, Psychocybin Recordings, to name a few.  His first year as Thred was looking promising, but something still wasn't right. It wasn't untill early 2019 where Thred really discovered his sound with his remix of Marshmello and SVDDEN DEATH's "Sell Out".  With wet sounding liquid flowing bass, "Phasestep" as he calls it, Thred had become a known name to the bass music
scene.  Ending off 2019 with big releases off of Electrostep Network, Artist Intelligence Agency (AIA), and of course High Caliber Records.  Also getting support from big artist such as Herobust, Puller, and Rico Act. Thred
is expected to make huge waves in 2020.

Thred is a Co-Founder of High Caliber Records starting it with his friends and fellow artists Primal, SYNDK8, and Redshoes.  He wants to make it his mission to bring the best music he can find, and show the world that there
is a lot of amazing artists that haven't been discovered yet.  Thred's roles with High Caliber Records consist of distribution, promotions, and talent scout.  Thred and the rest High Caliber Records team are very confident in their mission and work day and night to make sure they will reach their goals.


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