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Michael Miller


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SYNDK8 is an American DJ and producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who’s main focus is to create bass-heavy dubstep and trap anthems.  With the likes of Kompany and ATLiens, his producing style consists of cinematic intros proceeded by ground breaking, and captivating drops.  In mid 2017, he hit the ground running with his first release, “Sloppy ft. Rico Act” under the alias Torvah. He would later go on to release “Pass That” on Drop It Network with High Caliber’s Co-Founder Thred.  SYNDK8 has also had success with his recent remixes such as “Military”, and MOONBOY’s “BLASTA”, both showcasing his dynamic producing techniques. With just a few years of production under his belt, he has definitely proven to be a local to look out for in the near future.


In early 2019, SYNDK8 became Co-Founder of High Caliber Records along with local artists Primal, Thred, and Redshoes.  He declares his mission is to “bring forward talented artists that get overlooked”. He states, “I just want people to look past the fame and the glory, and find the hidden gems that lie beneath it all.  There are so many talented artists out there that constantly get overlooked, and I’m here to change that”. While producing has been his main focus, he has also found a joy in creating music videos and gratifying artwork.  “Before I begin writing music, I actually like to come up with artwork to go along with it first. It’s almost like giving my music a back story, which helps me construct and visualize my tracks”. His drive to develope artwork has allowed him to be successful in creating music videos for High Caliber, while also managing their YouTube channel.  There’s no doubt that his contributions to the High Caliber name will take the upcoming record label to new heights.


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